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“I’ve built an incredible business helping people transform their homes.”

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Enjoy the freedom of business ownership

Multiple revenue streams 

The Proof is in the Pudding.

At Solatube Home, we have been perfecting the model for years, and it shows in our track record. To get a feel for how our franchises
can drive revenue, just take a look at some of the numbers for our Southern California company-owned stores:


Solatube Home

2020 Average Monthly Revenue

  Average (3) Median (2) Ave. Range Low-High (2) Range Low to High (3)
3 Affiliate-Owned Outlets Combined $120,108 $122,057 $43,587 – $176,289 $17,642 – $250,942

(From our company owned stores, refer to our FDD – Item 19)

Note 1: The “Average” and “Median” were calculated across all 3 Affiliate-Owned Outlets and
include all product and service revenue.
Note 2: The “Average Range” is an average of the average range of each of the 3 Affiliate-Owned
Note 3: The “Range” is the absolute range from the lowest month of any of the Affiliate-Owned
Outlets to the highest month among the Affiliate-Owned Outlets.

Forecast to Grow to $680 Billion 

The $394B home improvement industry is forecast to grow to $680B by 2025, and delivering natural light and fresh air
is a large part of it. Our service and technology leadership in this market segment point to tremendous opportunities
for franchisees to deliver outstanding solutions to homeowners in their unique markets.

The multi-million dollar global skylight market

is expected to continue to increase in size through 2025

Growth in residential daylighting

is projected by recent AAMA reports

Reductions in energy consumption, emissions and costs:

some of the many benefits of a pleasant, naturally-lit interior

Put a Proven Model to Work.

We put all the elements in place to give you what you need to build and grow your Solatube Home franchise business.
A network of dealers have put the model to work, and now it’s ready for you too.

Solatube installer arriving at client's house
Solatube installer arriving at client's house

The Key Elements

  • Industry-Leading Products: Proprietary products (Tubular Skylights, Skylight Replacement, Whole House Fans, Attic Fans and Garage Fans) and unique accessories and add-ons entice customers to create the living spaces they dream of.
  • Efficient Service Model: You’ll recommend and install Solatube Home’s 5 great products with fast, 5-star service with a process that has been fine-tuned for 30 years. Being able to install in 2 hours or less means you have the opportunity for multiple installations per day.
  • Multiple Revenue Streams: A variety of sales opportunities is created from product sales, installation and replacement services that you can offer within your territory. And with offerings across both skylight and ventilation segments, there’s always opportunity for cross-selling as you’re already upgrading a customer’s home.
  • Training & Tools: Whether it’s thorough training and education programs (initial and ongoing), continual access to our team’s skill sets and experience, our business management software system, or our creative and cost-effective marketing programs, we have you covered.
  • Brand Credibility: 30 Years of history and an established track record provide a solid foundation to build upon. You can reap the rewards from a company with a reputation for quality, innovation, value, reliability and responsiveness.


What Does It All Mean for You?

When you take a look at the opportunities of a Solatube Home franchise, it’s hard to ignore how it can help make a difference for energetic and capable entrepreneurs.

Establish and Grow Your Own Business:

Take advantage of a unique opportunity to start your own business that benefits from being in a growing category.

Improve People’s Homes and Lives:

Help your customers create beautiful, comforting indoor environments where they feel happier, healthier and more productive thanks to natural light and fresh air.

Quick Path to Revenue:

An efficient process from the first call through consultation and installation (often in less than 2 hours) means cash comes fast and allows for multiple transactions per day.

Work With a Collaborative Partner:

We’re here to support you all the way through with all the tools and knowledge we’ve established in our proven business model.

Be an Important Part of Your Community:

Our franchisees enjoy a high profile in their local areas, where they improve the beauty of homes, raise their values and provide positive, eco-friendly solutions.

Positively Impact the Planet:

Solatube’s eco-friendly technologies are known for providing green approaches that not only help individual homeowners, but the entire planet.