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A History of Delivering Natural Light and Fresh Air for 30 Years.

We began 30 years ago as a manufacturer of Solatube tubular skylights, and our teams have gone on to install over a million Solatube day lighting and ventilation systems into homes around the world. We are experts in the day lighting, skylight and ventilation franchise industry, and you can be too, by owning a Solatube Home franchise. With our products to deliver natural light and fresh air into homes, you can create your own successful home services business.

Industry-Leading Products.

Tubular Skylights

Solatube is the inventor of an innovative technology in home daylighting, tubular skylights, introducing a new way to bring natural light into spaces that would ordinarily have little or no light. From unique sunlight-catching roof-mounted domes, to tubes made from the world’s most reflective material that bring light through attic spaces, to fashionable and functional diffusers that bring the natural light into the home, Solatube has brought engineering solutions that have changed the industry.

Skylight Replacement

Solatube has extended its innovative approach in the daylighting industry to introduce new technologies for traditional skylights. Solatube’s HSE performance series delivers outstanding features to maximize Health, Safety and Energy Efficiency. Its unique, double-layered glass construction not only delivers beautiful optics, but also minimizes damaging UV and infrared light, reduces glare, keeps excessive cold and heat out, provides resistance to cracking and is Energy Star rated.

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Solatube Home professionals talking to a client


We not only focus on helping homeowners enjoy beautiful, natural light in their homes, but we also deliver clean, fresh air through a variety of ventilation products. Our whole house fans cool the entire home in just minutes, while we also offer solar-powered fans to pull the heat from attics and garages.


5 Star-Rated Service.

2-Hour Home Transformations

Solatube Home has built a business not only on the highest quality Solatube products, but also on an outstanding service model. We focus on providing homeowners with the best daylighting designs and smartest ventilation configurations to improve the comfort of their homes. And then we provide fast installation of our products (often the same day, and generally in less than two hours) for immediate, impactful and lasting home improvements.


Solatube Home professionals talking to a client
Solatube Home professionals talking to a client

Our Customer Promise

At Solatube Home, we deliver an unexpected level of service in accordance with our Customer Promise. Our customer satisfaction is off the charts because of these five service criteria implemented for every project, every day:

  • Respect your customers’ time and homes like you would your own.
  • Listen intently to understand their lighting and ventilation wants and needs.
  • Provide efficient, high-quality work that’s guaranteed.
  • Install the most innovative daylighting and ventilation technologies through Solatube products (manufactured by us in the U.S.).
  • Dramatically improve the beauty, comfort and value of their homes, all in one day.