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Solatube Home is an emerging and disruptive home services franchise delivering natural light and fresh air. We focus on providing immediate, meaningful impact for homeowners. We’ve brightened and cooled homes in over 100 countries.  Additionally, we’ve installed over five million systems. If you would like to be part of our team, Solatube Home is providing entrepreneurs with an opportunity to be a part of this revolutionary home service business.

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We created our own industry in the home service sector.

Own a franchise with limited competition. You’re not competing with hundreds of carpet cleaners, bathroom remodelers, plumbers, roofers, electricians, window companies, HVAC and so on.  We have created our own niche in the home service sector delivering natural light and fresh air.  If you’re interested in owning a unique, eco friendly business that customers RAVE about, give us a call before your territory is taken.

Solatube Home Revenue

Average Monthly Revenue 2020

Average (3) Median (2) Ave. Range Low-High (2) Range Low to High (3)
3 Affiliate-Owned Outlets Combined $120,108 $122,057 $43,587 – $176,289 $17,642 – $250,942

(From our company owned stores, refer to our FDD – Item 19)

Note 1: The “Average” and “Median” were calculated across all 3 Affiliate-Owned Outlets and
include all product and service revenue.
Note 2: The “Average Range” is an average of the average range of each of the 3 Affiliate-Owned
Note 3: The “Range” is the absolute range from the lowest month of any of the Affiliate-Owned
Outlets to the highest month among the Affiliate-Owned Outlets.

Do you want Quick Cash Flow and Category Dominance?

Don’t miss this Q&A with the President of Solatube.

Watch Solatube International’s President, Robert E. Westfall, have a conversation about how Solatube Home created a revolutionary new home service business. Discover how Solatube invented a unique product and grew it into a global daylighting empire. Robert, explains how our products change homeowners’ lives. He also talks about our customers that become RAVING fans of our business.  Learn about our commitment to environmental stewardship through our energy saving products. Whether you are ready to start a business immediately, or if you are just starting down the investigative process, be sure to watch and see if Solatube Home is right for you.

We lead the innovation. You lead the franchise.

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Our Innovation

At Solatube, we’ve always focused on providing immediate, meaningful impact for homeowners. We started by changing the way they can bring natural light into their homes with our incredible innovation, tubular skylights. And now we also replace their old traditional skylights with our newly designed performance models. We also introduced new ways to bring fresh air into their homes with our solar-powered attic and garage fans, and then added our incredible whole house fans for the ultimate in cooling and clean, healthy air. And we do it all with a proven business model that is built on the industry’s premier level of service.

Your Opportunity

We’re changing the lives of capable entrepreneurs by offering Solatube Home franchise opportunities to bring our incredible daylighting and ventilation products to homeowners in your region. With a proven service model and the leading products in the industry, we’re helping you build and grow your own profitable home services business. A Solatube Home skylight franchise lets independent owners take control of their futures, while enjoying a satisfying, rewarding career. See how delivering natural light and fresh air can be a huge business opportunity.

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Total support. Just for you.

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How many service businesses can transform your customer’s home while getting you in and out in two hours? And how many provide you with comprehensive lifetime support to set up, market and manage your business? Solatube Home utilizes a streamlined service and installation model, backed by a market-tested business system in which ingeniously designed products are provided to consumers in a matter of hours. No long waits for revenue, no demolition mess, no months-long projects. Just a straightforward, proven path to building your own profitable franchise business, with the full Solatube Home playbook and tools to get you there.